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Hi I am Joanna Arhontis and I am glad you found your way to the website.

I am offering something here that could be very beneficial for you – and it is you as the retailer, or potentially our future retailers, I am thinking of. I want every retailer to build their empire, thrive financially and most importantly continue to be creative, have fun and enjoy the retailer’s life.

I know retail seems hard at the moment BUT retail has always been HARD the challenges are just different now. In today’s modern world of technology retail has never been more fiercely competitive.

What I want you to know is Bricks and Mortar Stores are NOT dead just different and our retail community needs support, that is why I am offering you some of my BEST information for the serious retailer.

 I have been working in the retail trade, running my own two hundred plus square metre store for over a decade and working in retail in one form or another all of my working life. Hence my philosophy “Life is Retail, Retail is Life” I love what I do and I am passionate about the retail industry. Without the retail world, your community would not have all the experiences they are able to enjoy, drinking coffee in the funky café, sipping vino in the wine bar after 7pm, shopping for the next formal function in the stylish boutique, having their hair done weekly...

We retailers have always been there, and I believe we are taken for granted, but customers are always shocked when we decide to close our doors. There are many reasons why… Foot traffic slows down, rents get hiked up, suppliers become our competitors or the consumer uses your store as a showroom and purchases the product online while browsing in your store.

I have been watching with concern the way the industry is going and realised that there truly isn’t much, if any, help and support out there for those of us who are BOLD and BRAVE enough to put everything on the line and run a business for customers to enjoy.

So I decided to create some resources to help retailers and the first of those resources is this book.

In The New Retail Revolution I have unstintingly shared all I have learnt, over the many years of hands on retail experience, courses – formal and informal training - in fact all of my knowledge of how to get the best out of your retail space starts here on this website and in the book.

One of the most important parts, something that I am truly passionate about when it comes to your business, is YOU! One of my favourite things to help people with is how to get the best out of you. Being a business owner you have to be fighting fit, healthy and thriving. Without you being a strong and directive leader the business will struggle to move forward successfully. We also look at your blocks and barriers and help you to unlock a new mindset that is dynamic and we teach you strategies to become the leader that everyone; suppliers, staff and customers cannot get enough of. Are you ready?

Back to the operational side of the business we learn how to build not only a local business but a National and International brand, create an Omni channel and sell products while you are sleeping or while your shop doors are closed, the cash register and lights are off. How does that sound? We get customers to flock to your store and when customers need your products or services you are the first brand - top of mind - that they think of because you are the expert. Price won’t matter once you are the trusted authority.

My strategies will ensure that your bricks and mortar stores will not only survive but will be more successful then ever.
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"I first met Joanna in her shop when I went to meet her to apologise after she had not been served well by Telstra. I was immediately struck by her drive, passion, understanding and focus on customer service that meant she not only understood what had happened, but had some great suggestions about how we should stop the issue from happening again. Her core business message to me was that:
 "A complaint is a gift, embrace it, learn from it”.
Words every business should heed every day!

In learning that basiConcepts cleverly combines customer service and marketing techniques to assist in resolving customer issues, we unlocked a much deeper and better way to reach customers with issues and opportunities that had previously seemed hidden or were in the “too hard” basket. basiConcepts then adapted their strategy for Telstra and a pilot was initiated – names S.W.A.T “Service What’s Already There!”

Joanna’s passion and energy meant that she was able to mobilise a team quickly and focus on customers who had more complex needs and/or issues that had not been resolved quickly. She quickly delivered results above industry standard benchmarks, enabling Telstra and one of our industry channels to rebuild our customer relationships and restore confidence."

Will Irving, Group Managing Director Telstra Business, Telstra

"Joanna, I would just like to thank you so much for all the work you did for Zucca Greek Mezze during your time at the Marina Pier as the marketing manager. The program that you set up over the winter months in 2014 was very successful. I would say it got the best response from any advertising we have ever done on the Marina Pier over the past 11 years that I have a tenant with our restaurant.

Thank you for helping us gauge our return on interest through the program, it was very beneficial to see how it worked. Wishing you all the very best.
Thank you"

Peter DeMarco, Director, Zucca Greek Mezze
Craig Reeves
CA, Business Coach, Mentor
Gardnier Hall & Co
Tony Hart
Executive Chef
Intercontinental Adelaide

Dorinda Hafner
International Celebrity Chef
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