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Strategies in 6 Weeks 
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Increasing your Retail Sales figures in the past relied on spending a great deal of money on advertisting. Traditionally Retailers would do TV or radio campaigns along with newspaper and print advertising.  We would spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and our customer reach would essentially mean more local traffic through our doors, with the possibility of a few telephone sales to regional customers that might lead to a few mail orders. In today's modern world of technology the world is at our finger tips. The customer reach is unlimited and products and services can be purchased in many different currencies with parcels and packages easily being delivered abroad. 

6 Strategies in 6 Weeks will broaden your knowledge of inexpensive marketing strategies that work to increase your sales and build your customer loyalty. The diversity of different platforms used to grow your business allows the retailer to develop an omini channel approach to sales and provides the customer with a seamless integrated shopping no matter how they shop with you.

Most importantly this program will help you to understand that you can make money while your shop doors are closed. While YOU are sleeping there are other people awake in other parts of the world who are ready, willing and able to spend their money with you.
In this "Increase your Retail Sales 6 Strategies in 6 Weeks" Program you will learn:

How to survive and make money in this fast evolving and challenging economy

How to win and build customer loyalty and keep them forever; both online and instore
How to increase your profits by increasing your basket size. Make it easier for the people who already love you to buy more off you 

Strategies to increase your sales online and in store. You need to go where the traffic is
In this program you will get:
"Not only did we gain two new customers and a number of leads
but also a better understanding of
what we could do better and what we were getting right!"
Sandy Lambert
Operations Manager, PACE Cleaning Services SA
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Increase Your Retail Sales
6 Strategies in 6 Weeks Program

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